The Cornwall Glass Road Running Grand Prix Races

These are the races which make up the 2019 Grand Prix:

2019 Grand Prix (click for race website)DistanceDateLocation
Storm Force10 miles20 January 2019Camborne
Newquay 10K10 km3 February 2019Newquay
Looe 1010 miles23 February 2019Looe
Falmouth Half Marathon13.1 miles17 March 2019Falmouth
An Res Hellys10 miles14 March 2019Helston
Trevornick 10K10 km12 May 2019Near Newquay
Sticker 55 miles22 June 2019Near St Austell
Summer Turkey Trot4 miles3 July 2019Redruth
Magnificent 77 miles20 July 2019Saltash
Indian Queens Half Marathon13.1 miles4 August 2019Indian Queens
St Levan 10K10 km16 August 2019Near Penzance
Treggy 77 miles1 September 2019Launceston
Truro Half Marathon13.1 miles15 September 2019Truro
Cubert 55 miles29 September 2019Near Newquay
Cornish Marathon26.2 miles3 November 2019Pensilva, near Liskeard

These were the races which made up the 2018 Grand Prix:

2018 Grand Prix (click for race website)DistanceDateLocation
Storm Force10 miles21 January 2018Camborne
Newquay 10K10 km4 February 2018Newquay
Looe 1010 miles25 February 2018Looe
Falmouth Half Marathon13.1 miles18 March 2018Falmouth
An Res Hellys10 miles25 March 2018Helston
Trevornick 10K10 km13 May 2018Near Newquay
Cubert 55 miles5 June 2018Near Newquay
Sticker 55 miles23 June 2018Near St Austell
Summer Turkey Trot4 miles4 July 2018Redruth
Magnificent 77 miles21 July 2018Saltash
Indian Queens Half Marathon13.1 miles5 August 2018Indian Queens
St Levan 10K10 km17 August 2018Near Penzance
Treggy 77 miles2 September 2018Launceston
Truro Half Marathon13.1 miles16 September 2018Truro
Cornish Marathon26.2 miles4 November 2018Pensilva, near Liskeard